Product variety

More than 2400 types of products Consist of:

A: Exclusive production such as:
- Profile wavy stone
- Texture profile wavy stone
- Grooved wavy stone
- Texture grooved wavy stone
- Stone bedside lamp
- Wavystone Production line under patent number: 102779 from Intellectual property registration office of Iran

B: Ordinary products consist of:
- Antique and Mosaic natural stones
- Onyx Tomb stones
- Split face stones

C: Ability to supply:
- All kinds of stone models such as Slabs and tiles, Cubic, Blocks and…
- Professional devices related to the field of construction stone mining and

Just in time

One of the most important measures of our performance that we are known for is the concept of time, scheduling and on-time delivery. The customer plans to buy our products in his schedule, and it is our duty to act exactly according to the agreed schedule. We believe that timely fulfillment of obligations can lead to customer trust in future purchases. For this reason, we have always implemented and adhered to this principle through scientific and planned implementation procedures.

Best quality

Quality is the first word for us. Nothing can replace quality. This is not just a slogan, but the reputation of our company and the result of the experience that the company's management and personnel have gained over decades.


To be honest, we do not claim the lowest price because the price is measured based on quality and services. Rather, we claim that our product conveys the expected value to the customer.