It is a metamorphic rock formed by the metamorphosis of limestone. Its main mineral is calcite. This stone has been widely used for sculpture. The facade of the Taj Mahal is made of Onyx.

The presence of aluminum and magnesium salts in onyx creates pleasant and stunning colors in it. Pure onyx is completely white. Pink, green, brown, blue, black, cream, gray, etc. are among other types of common marble colors.

How marble is formed

When limestone is subjected to high heat and pressure in the depths of the earth for a long time, it transforms into onyx. The main ingredient of onyx is calcium carbonate. Some types of onyx have 99% calcium carbonate.

Because of its special beauty, marble has always been used in sculpture, construction and decoration works. Prominent artists such as “Michelangelo” and “Leonardo da Vinci” have used onyx in many of their works.

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