Marble stone

The sources used to prepare this standard are:


Marble is a crystalline stone whose main minerals are calcite, dolomite or a combination of them, and it can be polished. Therefore, decorative marble is classified as below

Limestone marble is formed from crystallized calcium carbonate.

Dolomite marble – which mainly contains crystallized calcium and magnesium double carbonate.

The marble used for the facade of the building must be healthy and free from cracks, holes or other defects that damage its strength, durability or appearance and have the characteristics specified in the table below this standard.

RowStone typePhisical attributeAcceptable amount
1Lime marbleMinimum density2595 kg/m
2Dolomit marbleMinimum density2800 kg/m
3Dolomit lime marbleMoximum water absorbtion0.2 %
Maximum compressive strength520 kg/cm
The minimum breaking factor70 kg/cm
Minimum wear resistance10*
Minimum compressive strength70 kg/cm

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