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Uses of stone in interior decoration

The use of stone in interior decoration not only creates a wonderful visual effect, but also creates a beautiful effect of nature's texture in the building. Stone gives a sense of strength and originality to the building and creates a pleasant and attractive atmosphere.

Of course, the role of stone in interior decoration is not limited to the body, wall, and floor, and they are widely used for sinks, countertops, stone tables, stone dishes and sculptures, fireplaces, etc. Using stone in any part and for any application evokes a sense of luxury and authenticity and brings a luxurious atmosphere.
Because of the light passing through, Onyx and Traonix are the most beautiful examples of stones that are often used in luxury projects.
After that, we can refer to dense stones with very little water absorption and towards zero, i.e. granites and crystals. These strong stones can be used in any part of the building and you will not have any worries about them.


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